Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 10
Today was infinitely more fun then the last few days. We had a small amount of book work and a mini test this morning, but we had it at the canoe hale (pronounced haaaa leh). Better environment, more my style of learning.
Afterwards we then set up launching kites and rescuing from a jetski with the North Shore life guards. These dudes are killer, so fit, very ocean aware watermen. And they were really nice guys. Today we worked with Jeff, Hawaiian local and super dude. Showed us all the ins and outs of rescuing, where they cover, how they do it. We then took turns rescuing each other.
Later in the day we began to present lessons to our fellow candidates in real situations. Afterwards we all evaluated each other, which was followed up by our examiner Dave Dorn giving more pointers on what we did or did not do, how we might improve our technique. It is all starting to come together and no doubt this course has been so worth it. These skills are helping us relate the message to our students with clarity, focus, and ease of understanding.

Tomorrow we work with students and continue more hands on approach with our technique. Stay tuned

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