Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 2 Maui

Today was the first day of training, and I must say it was a very interesting, but great day. I trained today with two very cool dudes from Chili. One has been living on Maui for two years, the other came for the course to open a school in the Alti Plano of his country. Weird thing is this dude looks just like my dad, (my dad passed away in the early ninety's )and it was kind of freaking me out every time I looked at him. Will post photos of both of them later. What was really cool is that he has set the Guinness book of world records for the kiting in the highest location yet on earth, (14 thousand feet I think). The other dude was Chili's 3 time national kiteboarding freestyle champion. Both are great guys and I never thought I would be doing my first day of training solely in Spanish!
Highlights of the day include snapping yet another fin while kiting in my own time this afternoon, laughing in Spanish, teaching a dude from Seattle named Bronco, and kiting with a very large green sea turtle where we had the most epic eye contact. One more little bit of coolness was watching the outrigger canoes racing on the inside. Very island style.....

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