Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 13
Rest day today, bit rainy and squally, could have kited but I saw the forecast for home. Looking great for our arrival.
Instead of kiting I went for a message, and it was awesome. That perfect blend of pain and release without torture. I needed this so bad.
Had a bit of a drive around shopping with Al for his new harness. Bout time he smartened up his act. He actually lost points in his evaluation because his gear is so ragged. He needed to look a bit more professional, instead of homeless! He got a killer deal on a harness so he is happy.
Later we took a quick drive to check out the legendary spot Jaws, where some of the first big wave tow ins took place. They said it could never be surfed conventionally without a boat. Shane Dorian took out wave of the year by paddling in and now has lifted the game for everyone else. Now everyone is going to try to paddle in. Rules of the water state that all jetskis must stay away from a surfer by at least a 1000 feet. So he got a clear run!

Here is it from the top, what a beautiful spot, but out of my league for sure.

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