Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 9
The honeymoon is over....all the bookwork and study is starting to get to me. No water time, no ocean time, and getting a little stir crazy. Fortunately there has been no wind. And the good news is that the wind is suppose to start to ramp on our last day giving us our final two days with perfect conditions, (with the exception of maybe no waves to go with the wind).
The long sessions spent sitting as not doing my body any favors as I am not used to sitting in one place for so long. I need action, my body craves it, my mind demands it!
Tomorrow we practice rescuing people on a jet ski with the Maui lifeguards, so I am looking forward to that.
Hopefully I can get a full night sleep too.
End of another long day....over and out....if anyone is bothering to read this dribble....

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