Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 14
Today was just about the best kite I have ever had. Tropical water, head high waves, no crowds to begin with, and just able to squeeze this session in after the rain that we have had here on Maui. I kited for 3 hours non stop as going in for a drink of water is too much of a drama, the reefs are far out and the launching and landing are sketchy. I saw so many turtles today, had to dodge quite a few while riding waves. This was the icing on the cake for this whole adventure.
Tonight Al and I went to Dave and Suzie Dorn's hous from Maui Action Sports where we met up and headed to a Thai restaurant. From out of the ashes the Phoenix has flown. Hilarious that we had Thai on the last night here on the island considering my not so great adventures in Thailand. The food was great, company better, and now it's almost time to put this adventure to rest.
When I get home Tracy can show me how to do the blogs properly so those interested in kiting or those that want to learn can see updates and weather reports etc.
Smashed again, but in the best way....this has been fantastic.

Early morning Kanaha Beach....before the rains

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