Friday, May 3, 2013

Day three

Today was day three of the trip, second day of the first course. We met at the canoe sheds to work on the theory side of things, meet all the candidates and our supervising instructor Dave Dorn. He is the head teacher of the International Kitesurfing Organization, the largest and most recognized teaching system in the world. Good guy to have has your teacher!
Spent more time shadowing students with another instructor and today I learned a couple of cool new ways to teach students, and I also learned something new from one of the candidates from Chili. Shows you that everyday there is something to learn.
Got to kite at lunch and the conditions were epic, (though no surf to speak of). Great big airs to be had, but our assessor asked us to not do anything crazy, just pull off some basics that are required as part of the prerequisites. My class finished an hour early as our student Kate from Brooklyn ran out of steam. She later got stung by a bee for the first time in her life and I spent 20 minutes calming her down before I could go out for my afternoon session.
Looks like more theory for tomorrow as the winds are suppose to back off for a couple of days. 

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