Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 11
I have always been a fan of the number 11. Such a beautifully balanced number. Day was just like that, perfect balance of learning and teaching. Today we worked with real students for the first time, absolute beginners. I had so much fun working the two different girls who thought that maybe they might want to take up the sport, to at the end of the lesson they were both saying that they were so stoked they were taking it all up and committing. It gives me so much pleasure to share my stoke for something and translate it to someone else so they catch that same feeling.
In truth, being the first time teaching in VERY challenging conditions I was a little apprehensive. But as the day progressed I could see how much fun my students were having.
I have learned some awesome skills to take back home with me, ideas that never occurred to me, some tried and true methods, and most importantly methods to make the learning safe. This makes me feel more confident that I can teach any willing student safely and with fun. This course has been extremely valuable and I can't say enough about Dave Dorn from Action Sports Maui in his ability to make this all fun. He comes up with some really great "one liners" and antidotes and shared experiences that helps me focus on these new skills. Really sweet stuff.
Big test tomorrow, two hour written exam followed by more teaching, and the another ride skills evaluation, and then an outcome.......bring it on!

Wrapping up the afternoon at Action Beach Kanaha

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